How to add 3”5 display with touch screen

This procedure will guide you to the installation of the display on the Pengwyn board and the configuration of the software to test it.


Installing the board

  1. switch off the board
  2. connect display
  1. switch on the board

Installing the software

  1. run VirtualBox and start Pengwyn Yocto virtual machine
  2. download the display patch (ref. linux-pengwyn_3.2.display.patch.tar.gz ) and save the file to /home/pengwyn folder
  3. open terminal and decompress patch
cd /home/pengwyn
tar xvf linux-pengwyn_3.2.display.patch.tar.gz
  1. change kernel configuration, adding TI touch screen driver
cd yocto
source poky/oe-init-build-env
bitbake linux-pengwyn -c cleanall
bitbake linux-pengwyn -c menuconfig
_images/touch-cfg-1.png _images/touch-cfg-2.png _images/touch-cfg-3.png _images/touch-cfg-4.png
  1. compile the kernel
bitbake linux-pengwyn
  1. run HOB
  2. select Pengwyn target and qt4demo
  3. build
  4. run SD card creator
  5. insert SDcard on Pengwyn board and wait Linux start-up
  6. first time, the touch screen calibration is needed, than qt4 demo will start